Accounting Software

Making financial reporting fast, flexible and easy.

Over 1 million businesses rely on Xero to track their finances. At Xero I led the redesign of their financial reporting tools. I spoke with accountants and business owners to understand their needs, conducted usability tests, mapped user flows, designed prototypes, and helped developers craft the final product.

Marketing Website

Improving the online shopping experience.

At Mitsubishi Electric I led the redesign of the New Zealand marketing website. I conducted user interviews, structured the information architecture, created visual mockups, and wrote front-end code. The final result was a unified shopping experience driven by customers needs.

Masters Degree

Designing a platform for public art projects.

For my Masters degree I explored how to make constructive use of people’s urge for creative expression. I adopted user centred design methodologies to conduct research and develop ideas. I interviewed participants, ran case studies, generated personas, and tested prototypes. The final product was an online platform to help run collaborative art projects.