Website Redesign

Mitsubishi Electric needed a website that reflected the quality of their products.

Screenshot of the home page
The redesigned homepage.


When I started working at Mitsubishi Electric their website needed some love. It was challenging to navigate and a hassle to maintain. As the in-house marketing designer my job was to rethink the website. I conducted user research, restructured content, created visual mockups, and dabbled in code. The final result was a unified experience that was much easier to browse.

The Old Website

Screenshot of old pages
The old website was a mess of different colours and inconsistent navigation.

Early customer research highlighted key issues with the old website. It was unattractive, overwhelming, and hard to navigate. Product descriptions focused on technical specifications rather than customer benefits. There was very little product imagery and much of the text was redundant. This made it hard for customers to browse products.

An old product description
Needless technical jargon made it hard to choose products.

Structural Design

Heat Pumps and Refrigerators are the most popular items and so the website gives them focus.

Early concepts for the main navigation.
The entire product range was mapped to see how it could be simplified.

Previously every variation in size and colour was listed as a separate item. This made browsing products overwhelming. To address this we listed product variations as one item with multiple options.

wireframe of product options
Presenting size and colour as options rather than separate items made browsing much easier.

User Testing

usertesting wireframes
Early wireframes were tested on customers by asking them to perform common tasks – such as finding a product that meet their needs.


We removed technical jargon and highlighted the benefits that people care about. Product names such as ‘GL50’ were meaningless to customers. Staff knew the ‘GL’ series – it’s an energy efficient heat pump. But the name ‘GL’ didn’t help customers. So we gave products names such as ‘Standard’ ‘Eco’ and ‘Designer’ based on the language customers used to identify them.

Annotated mockups helped to explain the structure of content to writers and the developer.

Visual Branding

Mitsubishi Electric products aren’t cheap – they compete on quality rather than price. With this in mind, I helped refine their branding to portray them as a premium choice. The chaotic rainbow of colours was refined to white, black and a dash of red. High quality photos became a feature of the online experience, and everything was given much more breathing space. This made it easier for customers to digest the information, while also implying a sense of quality.

branding booklet
The establishment of clear guidelines for both print and online enforced a consistent approach across all media.

Final Result

The updated website: went live in early 2012.

The new homepage.
Browsing all heat pumps.
Browsing all refrigerators.
Product page for a specific refrigerator.
Product features for a specific refrigerator.
Product page for a specific dehumidifier.
Product features for a specific dehumidifier.