Kayaking Videos

It’s a great buzz exploring new rivers. Here’s some footage from my trips away.

First impressions in Nepal

Friendly locals, stunning rivers, and a daily diet of rice and lentils. Basically another adventure with large pieces of plastic in third world countries.

Karnali River, Nepal

Despite some nasty food poisoning the crew managed to pump me full of antibiotics and after two days on a bus driving to Western Nepal I was ready for a week kayaking down the Karnali.

Huka Falls, NZ

First time kayaking down Huka Falls. An early morning wake up with 2 attempts before breakfast. After camping out for the night we got a nice flow of 67 cumecs.

Whakamarino, NZ

Continuous whitewater through flooded bush and farmland. Near impossible to scout with few eddies to speak of. It's well worth the trip for experienced kayakers.

Marshyangdi River, Nepal

After nearly a month in Nepal it was time for one final river and luckily we pick a stunner! The Marshyangdi. It's an amazing river with lots of waves, boof spots, surprise holes and fun continuous rapids.

Mae Taeng River, Thailand

Spent an amazing couple of days kayaking on the Mae Taeng River in Northern Thailand. It was the rainy season so the rivers were up high and the water was big and brown!

Arahura Gorges, NZ

Getting dropped off in the bush by a helicopter always makes for a good time. A full on day of relentless rapids. Steep, tight, and technical.

Tongariro Waterfalls, NZ

Another awesome release weekend on the Tongariro River – This time we threw in a few more waterfalls for good measure! Potu Falls, Waikato Falls, and a small tributary off Access 10.